Make Your Data Local

Telemetry Solutions for remote & low infrastructure environments.

We are a leading provider of advanced remote monitoring solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our state-of-the-art telemetry technology enables you to collect and analyze critical data from remote locations with no supporting infrastructure, in real-time.

Whether you are looking to monitor your assets, track the performance of your equipment, or gain insights into environmental conditions, our telemetry solutions are designed to meet your needs, even in the most challenging environments.

Long Range Wireless

Simple options for sensors too far away, or too difficult for cabled connections.

Remote Telemetry

Access remote sensors from anywhere. Use our mobile friendly interface, or bring it into your own systems. It's your data, we just help you optimize it.

Partner Based

We work side-by-side with instrumentation partners to provide complete solutions that are not vendor limited.

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada